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Candles & Wax Melts



All of our scents on this page are available in 12oz jars & 8oz jars of wax melts.
The only exceptions being 'I wanted a dog for my birthday, but all I got was this candle', 'Ain't No Bugs On Me', and 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' which only come in 12oz jar candles.

12oz candle jars:
8oz jars of wax melts:

$3 from each DGC item purchased will be donated to Pittsburgh Cat through March 31.

cinnamon roll over.PNG

Cinnamon Roll Over

A DogGone original!  Our very first scent! 

A Cinnamon Roll without the calories!

Classic scents
(available year round)



Our dog Presley absolutely loved her birthday! This vanilla cake scented candle was originally created with her in mind!

mans zest friend.PNG

Man's Zest Friend

If you're a fan of lemon, this candle will be your

'Zest Friend'!

banana mutt bread.PNG

Banana Mutt Bread

Created in honor of all of our rescue friends!

blueberry barkle.PNG

Blueberry BARKle

Blueberry buckle was my little sister's favorite baby food!  

Of course ours has to be called Blueberry BARKle!

apple turnROVER.PNG

Apple TurnROVER

Named by my brother-in-law Andrew!

Cocomutt cream pie.PNG

CocoMUTT Cream Pie

Named by my sister Amanda!  Smells just like coconut cream pie!

pawtton candy.PNG

PAW-tton Candy

From our "a fair to remember series".

Certain to bring out the kid in you!



My Grandpa always carried two things with him.  Dog treats & butterscotch buttons!  This one is to honor all the dog loving grandpas out there!

puppy love spell.PNG

Puppy Love Spell

If you loved VS Lovespell, you'll love DGC's version!

salted caramel pupcorn.PNG

Salted Caramel PUPcorn

From our "a fair to remember series".  One of our best sellers!

candy yapple.PNG


From our "a fair to remember series".

Who doesn't love a candy apple or candy YAPPLE in our case!?

hound cake.PNG

Hound Cake

Smells just like a cake baking!

sleepy puppy.PNG

Sleepy Puppy

Allow the calming scents of lavender and vanilla help you relax.

mrs mutterworths.PNG

Mrs. Mutter-worth's

We had so many requests for a maple syrup candle! We know you'll love this maple & butter scented candle!



If you love the smell of clean laundry, you will love LaundroMUTT!

birthday candle.PNG

I wanted a dog for my birthday, but all I got was this candle

Your choice of Vanilla Cake or Chocolate Cake scent!  Makes a perfect gift for any dog lover!

all dogs go to heaven candle.PNG

All Dogs Go To Heaven

In loving memory of all dogs in heaven.  We hope this candle brings comfort to those who need it most.  All proceeds from this candle will forever be donated to the Beaver County Humane Society's TLC Fund.

Spring & Summer Scents
(Available March-August)

dog park.PNG

Dog Park

Enjoy some time at the DGC Dog Park!  Let the scents of fresh cut grass and citrus remind you of fun with your pup at the park!

peach pawffee cake.PNG

Peach PAWffee Cake

Fresh peach mixed with vanilla and butter!  Just in time for summer!

ain't no bugs on me.PNG

Ain't No Bugs On Me

Our first outdoor candle!  Keep the bugs away with our very own citronella infused candle. 

dogs are my peeps candle.PNG

Dogs Are My PEEPS

Celebrate Easter with this marshmallow peeps scented candle!

Fall Scents
(Available September-December)

blueberry pupkin patch.PNG

Blueberry Pupkin Patch

Farm fresh blueberries perfectly matched with pumpkin!

pumpkin roll over.PNG

Pumpkin Roll Over

Did you know our Cinnamon Roll Over has a sister!?  Meet Pumpkin Roll Over!

pumpkin marshmallow treats.PNG

Pumpkin Marshmallow Treats

Sweet pumpkin &

creamy  marshmallow!  

pumpkin peamutt brittle.PNG

Pumpkin Peamutt Brittle

Sweet & Salty are the perfect combination!

pup rally.PNG

Pup Rally

Just in time for fall football season! Smells just like hot cocoa with marshmallows.

dogtober 31.PNG

DOGTOBER Thirty First

Celebrate your love of

HALLOWEEN with our

DOGTOBER Thirty first candle!

fur mummies.PNG

Fur Mummies

Get ready for HALLOWEEN  with our candy corn scented candle!

pupkin pie.PNG

PUPkin Pie

A classic loved by all!

One of our best sellers since

it's debut in 2018!

pumpkin apple mutter.PNG

Pumpkin Apple MUTTer

Pumpkin, Apple, & Cinnamon Oh my!

Holiday Scents
(Available November-December)

pawly jolly christmas.PNG

PAW-ly Jolly Christmas

Smells just like freshly baked Snickerdoodles!



Smells just like gingerbread cookies!

A holiday favorite!

happy pawlidays.PNG

Happy PAWlidays

This smells like the holidays! 

dog sweater weather.PNG

Dog Sweater Weather

If you're "Pining" away for the holidays, this is the scent for you!

cookies for santa paws.PNG

Cookies For Santa PAWS

Perfect sugar cookie scent!

Get it before Santa does!!!

christmas story.PNG

DGC tribute to A Christmas Story:

Scut Barkus


I like the Wizard Of PAWS

I Triple Dog Dare Ya

It's a major pAWARD

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