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over $12,000 donated and counting!



 Donations 2020-

For the remainder of 2020 DogGone Candles will be donating ALL PROFITS 

from every sale to animal organizations in need.  We will choose a customer who

purchased in each given month to choose the animal charity of their choice! 

Below are the past recipients.

🤍September- Biggies Bullies chosen by Jessica Wasik of Bark and Gold Photography.

🤍October- Jefferson County Humane Society chosen by Tobie Pasco.

🤍November-Joey's Paw chosen by Tracy Smedley

🤍December-Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary chosen by Danielle McKain


Donations 2021-

🤍January- No Dog Left Behind (formerly PAART)

🤍February- Life Is Labs

🤍March- Mable (Bark For Life participant)

🤍April-Friends of Jupiter 

🤍May- Orphans of the storm

🤍June-Joey's Paw chosen by Larissa Grudi

🤍July/August-Gray Paws Sanctuary

🤍September- Gift basket for Hello Bully

🤍October/November-KONGSGIVING 2021

🤍 December - Joey's Paw


Donations 2022-

🤍January/February-Abby's Angels Animal Haven

🤍March/April-The Foster Farm

🤍May/June- Ol' Mother Cluckers Farm

🤍August/September 2022- Sophia's Grace Foundation

🤍October 2022 - Great Dane Friends

🤍November/December 2022 -Joey's Paw


Donations 2023-

🤍January-Abby's Angels Animal Haven

🤍February- Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue

🤍March- Pittsburgh Cat

🤍April-Hearts for hooves and paws

🤍June-Kindred Spirits Rescue Ranch

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