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1.   Are your candles 100% beeswax? DogGone Candles are made with 100% pure beeswax , coconut wax, and non-toxic  fragrances.

2.  Are your candle wicks 100% cotton? Yes! We use cotton wicks that are coated in beeswax. No paraffin, no lead, no zinc!!!

3.  Why do cracks sometimes form on the top of my candle after burning? As beeswax cools, it shrinks slightly, which can sometimes cause cracking. This will in no way affect the quality of your candle or your burn time. The larger the diameter, the more possible it is to form cracks upon cooling.

4.  Do you make all the candles that you sell? Absolutely!!! We hand pour each and every candle!

5.  What is the difference between beeswax blend and paraffin candles? Paraffin is a toxic byproduct. Paraffin candles are cheaper to make, but they are made from a non renewable resource called Petroleum. Burning them gives off many of the same fumes found in auto exhaust.

6.  Are your products "clean"? Everything we use is non toxic and safe for the whole family! Prop 65 compliant! No Pthalates, No Carcinogens, No Mutagens, No reproductive toxins, No Organ toxins, No Acute Toxins, No Animal Testing!


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