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stay scent beads.PNG


"Stay" Scent Beads

Notes of Maple, Nutmeg, Vanilla,

Cinnamon, & Brown Sugar.


"LaundroMUTT" Scent Beads

Notes of Cotton Blossom & Fresh Linen.

laundromutt scent beads.PNG
sleepy puppy scent beads.PNG


"Sleepy Puppy" Scent Beads

Notes of Lavender, Vanilla, & Bergamot.


"Stay" Refresher Oil for scent beads


"LaundroMUTT" Refresher Oil for scent beads


"Sleepy Puppy" Refresher Oil for scent beads


🤍Scent Beads & Scent Bead Refresher Oil🤍


🤍Buy more Save more🤍

8oz Scent Beads 2/$32, 3/$48

1oz Refresher Oil 2/$20, 3/$30


3 scents available with more to come!


Use in drawers, closets, cars, vacuum bags/canisters, and more!

You can use them in place of wax in electric warmers, too!


With your purchase you'll receive sachets for your beads.


You can also at any time come back here and purchase refresher oil.  Each bottle will freshen your beads 3 times!!! Just place all 8oz of beads back into the original container, add 1/3 of the oil to perfectly refresh! Stir them up allowing the oil to fully absorb before re-using.  If your beads are dusty from using them in vacuums, just rinse them off!  Allow them to dry before adding refresher oil.

stay refresher oil.PNG
laundromutt refresher oil.PNG
sleepy puppy refresher oil.PNG
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